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Discussion Paper for the Next Regional Transportation Plan

The Big Move focused on building new infrastructure. While there is still a need for more infrastructure, the focus will shift to making the best possible use of existing transit assets.

There are areas outside the realm of public transit services that, when considered through a regional lens, will allow Metrolinx and its partners to identify ways of developing more consistent, connected and integrated transportation connections, infrastructure and services.

Advances in mobility service models, autonomous and connected vehicle technologies, and mobile applications loom large over any future vision of transportation in the region.

Since the release of The Big Move, the first Regional Transportation Plan, much progress has been made. Read about this progress and tell us what has been most important to you.

The GTHA is one of the fastest-growing regions in North America, expected to add approximately 110,000 new residents every year from 2011 to 2041, joining the 7 million people who are already here. The need to keep the region moving over the long-term - to get people and goods where they need to go - is a complex task that involves several levels of government, service providers, businesses, communities, institutions and all of us as individuals.