How Metrolinx Engage works

Welcome to Metrolinx Engage, where you can learn more about Metrolinx projects and find out how you can give feedback. Having your say is what this site is all about. Before exploring the individual engagement opportunities on this site, here’s a brief introduction to Metrolinx.
Metrolinx plans, builds and delivers. Our goal is to transform the way the region moves by championing long-term transportation and transit solutions that enhance prosperity, sustainability, and quality of life. Guided by an award-winning Regional Transportation Plan, Metrolinx is implementing the biggest transit expansion in Canadian history with more than 200 projects currently underway across the region. Whether you drive or ride, a better transportation and transit system benefits us all because it means less time getting there and more time being there. Click on the "Participate Now!" button to learn more and have your say.

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Help us develop a Community Charter

Metrolinx is developing a Community Charter to give meaningful and measureable form to our commitment to our residents and communities. The Metrolinx Community Charter will apply to every area of our operations, from planning to construction, operations to customer service.  When completed it will capture and present Metrolinx’s community values. It will offer the promises and commitments by which our actions will be judged in the community, as we plan and deliver transformative transportation solutions. 

The Community Charter will commit Metrolinx to building the regional transportation system we all want and need but in a way that is respectful of the communities it touches. Before drafting the Community Charter, we'd like your thoughts and ideas. Read about the Community Charter and have your say.