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Union Station Trainshed

Union Station Trainshed - Your Feedback

Public Consultation Round 3 – Fall 2020

Round 3 of public consultation was held online from November 27 – December 11, 2020.   

New information that was presented in Round 3 included:  

  • The proposed changes to the Union Station Trainshed, which are being addressed in a Minister’s Consent Application
  • The proposed changes to Platforms 20 and 21, which are being addresses in a Minister's Consent Application.
  • Considerations for the Strategic Conservation Plan to preserve and maintain the heritage attributes within Metrolinx-owned portion of Union Station, including the trainshed and rail corridor. This feedback will influence the plan’s recommendations and conclusions.

The table below provides a snapshot summary of the main topics we've heard in Round 3 of public consultation and what we are doing about it. 

What We Heard

What We’re Doing About It

Balance heritage efforts and accommodating more passengers and service increases. Participants suggested the trainshed should be well-lit, beautiful, and welcoming for passengers.

Union Station is a historic site and the trainshed is an important component of this designation, being one of few representative examples of a Bush trainshed which was used in larger Canadian railway stations. A heritage approvals process is in place between Metrolinx and the three levels of government to help preserve the station trainshed’s unique features.

In addition to the consideration of heritage impacts, a key component of design decisions is maintaining service. The proposed Reference Concept Design strives to fulfill the objectives of the Full Business Case with the least impacts to current and future GO Service.

There should be seamless connections with other services (between GO and UP Express, subway, streetcar, and VIA). The transfers between the services now are pretty far.

Improved passenger flow has been a key consideration for the improvements at Union Station, including the new Bay and York concourses, teamways and platforms. This will be even more important with the service levels and passenger counts anticipated from GO Expansion, which is why Metrolinx is preparing now for wider platforms, level boarding, reduced pinch-points and improved vertical access (stairways and elevators).

Metrolinx is also currently exploring platform locations that airport-bound or destined trains may utilize in the future in order to increase capacity, improve connections within Union Station and enhance the customer experience.

Ensure accessible level boarding to all trains at Union Station. Platforms should be accessible and level boarding should be compatible with all train types in Union Station (i.e. GO, VIA Rail, and UP Express).

Ensure accessible level boarding to all trains at Union Station. Platforms should be accessible and level boarding should be compatible with all train types in Union Station (i.e. GO, VIA Rail, and UP Express).

Will there be a green roof at Union Station?

A green roof is no longer planned for installation at Union Station. As GO Expansion program plans were further refined it was determined that a green roof was no longer appropriate for the site due to capital/operating costs as well as technical constraints driven by the proximity of green roof vegetation to the future railway electrification system. Metrolinx is currently exploring alternative roof treatments for the site.

Will there be platform screen doors to improve safety?

Although Metrolinx is not looking at platform screen doors, work is underway across the network to increase safety of our platforms.

This year, tactile yellow strips have been added at many of our stations and work will continue in the new year. Metrolinx is also planning some much needed improvements to Union Station including wider platforms which will improve passenger flow and comfort.

Does Union Station have space to accommodate potential restoration of Northlander train service?

The Union Station redesign and construction is protecting for capacity of future passenger rail services.


If you would like to look at the public materials from Round 3 of consultation please click here.

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