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Scarborough Junction Grade Separation

Scarborough Junction Grade Separation - Proposed Infrastructure

The Scarborough Junction Grade Separation project will accommodate increased service on the Stouffville and Lakeshore East Corridors through infrastructure improvements at the Scarborough Junction where these corridors meet. A rail-rail grade separation and additional supporting infrastructure modifications are proposed. Please note that the proposed infrastructure as part of the Scarborough Junction Grade Separation TPAP is based on reference design concepts that may be subject to change during the detailed design process.

Purpose and Benefits of Grade Separations

A grade separation separates the road from the rails, so that vehicles and or pedestrians can pass under or over a railway, without having to stop and wait for the trains.

Grade separations are essential to support transit expansion, and provide other community benefits, including:

  • Improved traffic flow and elimination of the potential for conflicts between trains and vehicles
  • Better connections and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Air quality benefits from reduced car idling
  • Reduced noise from at-grade crossing signals and train whistles
  • Opportunities to bring roads up to new standards, by incorporating wider sidewalks, separated bike lanes, or improved lighting

Metrolinx is improving service as part of the GO Expansion Program by increasing train frequency and availability. The long-term goal and vision of the GO Expansion Program is to provide 15-minute two-way all-day service.

With trains planned to run every 15 minutes or better (a crossing every 7 minutes in one direction or the other), it is not possible to maintain at-grade crossings.

By grade separating the crossings, Metrolinx can increase travel speed and capacity on our rail lines by allowing trains to freely pass over or under roads without the need for stoppages. Grade separations will support the growth of our cities by increasing traffic flow and transit capacity.

Proposed Grade Separations

The Project includes the following proposed grade separations,

  • Rail / Rail Grade Separation – a rail / rail grade separation of the Stouffville and Lakeshore East Rail Corridors at the Scarborough Junction
  • Corvette Park - Multi-use Bridge Crossing  – a pedestrian and cyclist multi-use crossing at Corvette Park and the Stouffville Rail Corridor; preferred option in Round 3
  • Danforth Road - Rail Tunnel - a rail under road grade separation of Danforth Road and the Stouffville Rail Corridor

Metrolinx has identified the bridge crossing as the preferred multi-use crossing at Corvette Park.  However the TPAP will still seek approval for both bridge and tunnel options.  No changes are being proposed to the other two grade separations from what was presented during the February 2020 Open Houses.  

View the panels that describe the grade separations presented at the February 2020 Open Houses.

Midland Layover

Layover and storage yard facilities are essential for train operations. They typically include train storage, cleaning and serving, waste management, crew services, and track, switches and utilities.

Layover and storage yard facilities are necessary to achieve the targeted GO expansion service levels by:

  • Reducing long-distance non-revenue trips.
  • Accommodating train storage during off-peak hours.
  • Allowing trains to be routinely serviced and cleaned.
  • Providing flexibility for trains to operate more seamlessly across the network.
  • The proposed locations are strategically located throughout the GO rail network to maximize service efficiency.

The Project includes a new train layover site at Midland Avenue. With the planned increase in service along the Lakeshore East and Stouffville Rail Corridors, Metrolinx anticipates the need to have storage for railcars to accommodate passenger demand. The proposed location of the Midland layover between Midland Avenue and Brimley Road, north of the Lakeshore East Rail Corridor, on existing Metrolinx’s property.

Impacts and mitigation measures were presented for the Scarborough Junction Grade Separation TPAP during the second round of public consultation.  As further information has been collected for the Midland Layover, the impacts and mitigation measures for the Layover have been further defined.  Learn more about the proposed Midland Layover.

The Midland Layover will be electrified under the Go Rail Network Electrification Addendum. For further information, please refer to the GO Rail Network Electrification Addendum.

St. Clair Avenue East bridge expansion

Another component of the project will include the expansion of the rail bridge over St. Clair Avenue to accommodate new track being built as part of the Stouffville Corridor Rail Service Expansion GO Transit Class EA.

View the panel presented at the February 2020 Open Houses.

Modification or relocation of the Scarborough GO Station Building

The new track is being built at the Scarborough Junction heading northbound along the Stouffville Rail Corridor and may not be able to be accommodated in the space between the existing tracks and the Scarborough GO Station building. As such, the GO Station building may be modified or relocated; however, the building will remain within the existing property boundaries of the Scarborough GO Station.