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Pinch Point #5: Downtown Oshawa from Thornton Road to Simcoe Street

Study Area:

A map of the study area showing the extent of the Downtown Oshawa pinch point, from Thornton Road to Simcoe Street.

Key factors in the Downtown Oshawa pinch point are:

  • Narrow right-of-way with buildings located close to the property line

  • Minimal natural heritage features 

  • Some cultural heritage resources

  • On-street parking will need to be removed or relocated

Technically Preferred Option: Contraflow Lanes (Couplet)

Convert curbside general traffic lanes on King Street and Bond Street to dedicated transit lanes. Buses would run in the opposite direction of traffic.
A map showing potential turnaround options for the contraflow option in Downtown Oshawa. The two turnaround options include Ontario Street and Mary Street.

Cross-sections are conceptual


  • Provides the highest priority for transit, improving speed, reliability, comfort and convenience 

  • Avoids impacts to buildings and cultural heritage resources

  • Increases compliance of general traffic to dedicated bus lane with BRT running opposite to general traffic


  • Two-way operation will require public education and changes in travel patterns

  • Changes in local bus service may be required 

  • Requires relocation of on-street parking on the north side of King Street

Submissions are closed.