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Pinch Point #2: Ellesmere Road from Meadowvale Road to Kingston Road

Study Area: 

A map of the study area showing the extent of the Ellesmere Road east pinch point, from Meadowvale Road to Kingston Road.

Key considerations for the Ellesmere Road pinch point are:


  • Minimal property acquisition required to achieve Official Plan right-of-way

  • Traffic volumes in 2041 are similar to today

  • Minimal natural heritage features and cultural heritage resources

  • Option must match recommended option for Ellesmere Road between Military Trail and Meadowvale Road


Technically Preferred Option: Centre-median (4 Lanes)

Widen to add two dedicated transit lanes and maintain current number of general traffic lanes.

A conceptual cross-section that illustrates the lane configuration of the 4-lane center-median transit lane option on Ellesmere Road.


  • Provides the highest priority for transit, improving speed, reliability, comfort and convenience 

  • Maintains existing traffic capacity

  • Provides opportunities to improve existing active transportation network

  • Local transit can serve stops from curb lanes between rapid transit stops


  • Requires all left-turns to occur at signalized intersections, requiring a change in travel patterns