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West Segment

The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - West

The following plans describe the alignment (route) of the line, and the proposed location of station structures and entrance locations.

Exhibition to Queen/Spadina

map of the west segment of the Ontario line

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We are making important progress on bringing more rapid transit to downtown Toronto with the Ontario Line. Stations in the west segment at Exhibition, King/Bathurst and Queen/Spadina will make it easier to access some of the City of Toronto’s top spots for sports, entertainment, shopping and so much more. Stations will relieve crowding on popular surface routes through the downtown core and make transferring between services a breeze.

West - Exhibition

The Ontario Line at Exhibition Station will create a connection to the GO network and bring the subway system closer to many homes and businesses in the growing and vibrant Liberty Village community.

West - King/Bathurst

In the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District, where almost 8,700 households currently don’t own a car, the station at King and Bathurst will offer vital connections between the Ontario Line and the popular 504 King route and the 511 Bathurst route.

West - Queen/Spadina

The station at Queen and Spadina will provide better access to the more than 42,200 jobs the area will accommodate by 2041.