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Introduction: What are We Doing?

What are we doing?

We are reviewing the GTHA’s first Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), The Big Move, and you are invited to participate. This review of the RTP provides an opportunity to take stock of and build on the foundation of The Big Move projects. It supports us working together as a region toward the completion of an updated RTP in 2017.  

The RTP guides the work being done to transform the way people and goods move in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Its vision, goals and objectives provide a blueprint to support decision-making by municipalities, agencies, and the provincial government. The RTP affects how well the transportation system contributes to a high quality-of-life, thriving, sustainable and protected environment and prosperous and competitive economy, now and into the future.

Much has changed since the release of The Big Move. Climate change and new technologies such as real-time trip planning, ride-sharing apps and autonomous vehicles are altering how we think about, and plan transportation. Building on our experience and embracing a forward-looking perspective, together we are creating a transportation system with the future in mind.

An opportunity for you to have input

You’re invited to have your say in this review of the Regional Transportation Plan. You will see summaries of the major topics and issues we’ve considered, presented on cards below. Just click on those that interest you, read more about each one, and then respond to our questions to register your views.

Managing congestion on our roads, supporting active transportation, creating safer more complete streets, and moving freight safely and effectively are some examples of topics on which you can comment. Your input shapes how our communities grow and how we will move around the region in the future.

You’ll also read about how the region is currently investing in transportation, what’s working now and how we can make it better, while understanding that we are not able to do everything. We invite you to think about what our region’s transportation system might look like in 25 years, and to try to balance what you want, what you need and what new technology and mobility options will take us there.  

The Regional Transportation Plan Review Process and Timeline

The review of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a requirement of the Metrolinx Act, 2006, which states that the RTP must be reviewed at least every ten years.  

Using the input received from the public and stakeholders, Metrolinx and its municipal partners will update the Regional Transportation Plan. A draft updated RTP is to be released for public comment in mid-2017, with the final version later that year. Then, an Implementation Plan will be developed jointly with municipalities to put the RTP into action.

Tell us what you think

You can participate at your own pace and in your own way.

If you want to read all of the background information, you can download the complete discussion paper to read offline.

If you're ready to provide your input now, you can find relevant background information and provide your input on specific topics by clicking on the topic headings below.


This engagement was open for public comment until December 16, 2016. Metrolinx will publish a report here compiling the feedback we received and outlining how it will be used in shaping the next version of the Regional Transportation Plan.


Lack of affordable housing
Fiscal management / Government spending
Cost of living
Hospitals / Health care
Development / Urban sprawl
Inadequate public transit
Crime / Law and order
Road maintenance
Traffic congestion
More direct routes
More frequent service
Easier connections between modes of transportation (e.g. cycling to transit)
Easier connections between transit systems
More transit stops
Faster travel times
Integrated fares between transit systems
Improved walking infrastructure
Better cycling infrastructure
More on-time service
Easier to move in and around the region
Less environmental impact
Less expensive transportation options
More transportation options
More free time
More time to be productive
Less stress
Easier to plan my day
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