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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario LRT - Mississauga South

Neighbourhood Work Zone

Construction for the Hurontario LRT in Mississauga Cooksville is separated into three work zones. Work zone four starts at the North Service Road, ending at Dundas Street, work zone five continues from there until Fairview Road, work zone six ends at Matthews Gate.

Work zone 1-4 along Hurontario Street between Park Street East and Dundas Street

Major Construction Look Ahead, 2021


Park Street to Inglewood Drive Work Zone 1

The next phase in utility relocation will begin in early 2021 on the west side of Hurontario Street. Road work will also begin at this time and includes the removal of trees and bushes to make way for LRT infrastructure and a separated, multi-use trail. This work is anticipated to be complete by Fall 2022.

Utility Relocation

  • West side of Hurontario Street


  • Removal of Trees & Bushes
  • Construction of New Roadway, Curbs & Sidewalks Construction of Retaining/Gravity Wall

Inglewood Drive to South Service Road Work Zone 2

Next phase in utility relocation and road work will begin on the west side of Hurontario Street in Spring 2021, followed by utility relocations on the east side later that fall. Roadway work begins at the same time.

Utility Relocation

  • East and West Side of Hurontario Street


  • Excavation, removal and disposal of existing roadway
  • Construction of new roadway, curbs and sidewalks
  • Construction of retaining/gravity walls

Mary Fix Creek Work Zone 1

  • Construction of retaining walls

  • Demolition of existing parking lot bridges at Port Credit GO

  • Construction of new east and west bridges with pedestrian walkway at Port Credit GO

  • Construction of new bridge at Eaglewood Blvd

  • Begins Early 2021
  • Begins Spring 2021
  • Begins Spring 2021
  • Begins Spring 2021

Port Credit Station Work Zone 1

Excavation under the Lakeshore West Corridor

  • Begins Spring 2021

QEW North Ramp to Harborn Road Work Zone 3

QEW Rehab and construction of new overpass structure

  • Begins Summer 2021


Road Widening

In order to accommodate construction and the eventual operation of the Hurontario LRT in Mississauga South, the roadway south of the QEW will need to be widened. An arborist will be working closely with the project team to identify trees in the future roadway that will need to be removed during construction. For details on our commitment to the environment, including tree replacements, please review the environmental page. Once the street has been widened, crews will reinstate and extend the multi-use trail on the east side of Hurontario Street all the way to the Queensway.

Infographic on how sidewalks will be removed, paved and expanded while also ensuring pedestrians and vehicles have access