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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project - Mississauga North

This graphic maps out the five work zones in Mississauga North

Mississauga North is divided in to five work zones:

  • Work Zone 10 – Eglinton Avenue to Matheson Boulevard
  • Work Zone 11 – Matheson Boulevard to Britannia Road
  • Work Zone 12 – Britannia Road to Capston/World Drive
  • Work Zone 13 – Capston/World Drive to Derry Road
  • Work Zone 14 – Derry Road to Brampton City Boundary

A look at where we are now and where we are going!

A side by side image taken from east of Matheson Boulevard in spring 2021 and a rendering showing how it will look upon project completion.

Six-Month Construction Lookahead

Utility works continue as new watermains, storm drainage and sewage infrastructure is installed along the east side of Hurontario Street. This work will be followed by electrical and telecommunication relocations and re-grading and reinstatement of the adjacent boulevards.

Temporary Bus Stop Platforms

During construction, bus stops will remain accessible through temporary  boarding platforms. Wayfinding directing passengers to the stop, and bus stop  markers, have been installed.

Impacted bus routes are as follows:

MiWay routes 17,25,39,42,43,57,70, 103 and 104.

The public will be notified in advance about these changes through:

Temporary bus platforms were installed southbound from Derry Rd.  to Prologist Blvd. as well northbound at Traders Blvd. and Brunnel  Rd. Additional platforms will be installed between Eglinton Avenue and Matheson Boulevard in late summer/early fall.