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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project - Mississauga Cooksville

This graphic maps out the three work zones in Cooksville

Cooksville is divided in to three work zones:

  • Work Zone 4 – North Service Road to Dundas Street
  • Work Zone 5 – Dundas Street to Fairview Road
  • Work Zone 6 – Fairview Road to Matthews Gate

A look at where we are now and where we are going!

A side by side image taken from the east side of John Street in spring 2021 and a rendering showing how it will look upon project completion.

Six-Month Construction Lookahead

Crews will begin to install temporary traffic signals and repaint traffic lanes to prepare for a shift in traffic to accommodate utility road works set to begin later this year.

Temporary Bus Stop Platforms

During construction, bus stops will remain safe and accessible through temporary boarding platforms. Signs directing passengers to the stop, and bus stop markers, will be provided and installed.

The public will be notified in advance about these changes through:

The table below outlines the temporary platforms expected when utility works begin this summer.

IntersectionBus Stop ID

Hurontario St & Sherobee Road


Hurontario St & Queensway


Hurontario St & Paisley Blvd

0722, 0721

Hurontario St & Floradale Dr


Hurontario St & King St


Hurontario St & Dundas St


Hurontario St & Kirwin Ave


Hurontario St & John St


Hurontario St & Hansen Rd Walkway


Hurontario St & Fairview Rd

102655, 1109

Hurontario St & South of Central Pky


Hurontario St & Central Pky


Hurontario St & Elm Dr


Hurontario St & Matthews Gate