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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening at Port Credit GO station? How will parking be impacted?

Port Credit GO station is the site of the Hurontario LRT Mississauga terminus station that will be underground, so work has started to prepare for excavation and shoring. There are laydown areas on both the north and south sides of the station, so please be aware of signage around the station and follow only marked pedestrian/cyclist/vehicle access routes.  

There are two ongoing projects at Port Credit GO including important accessibility upgrades and works for the future Hurontario LRT transit line. For those who require parking at the station, there are reserved spots available at www.gotransit.com/en/stations-stops-parking/reservedparking. There are also large parking garages available one stop to the west at Clarkson GO.

Will there be any underground stations?

There will be one below-grade stop at Port Credit GO at the underpass of the rail line. All other station stops are at-grade.

Will businesses be affected by the construction?

We understand that we are building this transformational transit project in a busy area and that construction can be disruptive. Our commitment is to work with business owners whenever possible to mitigate impacts, doing our best to maintain at least one entrance to any business if it is safe for pedestrians and on-site workers.

We appreciate the patience of our community and will complete this work as efficiently as possible to get things back to normal. We have a dedicated community relations team in place to work with residents and businesses in Peel Region through the construction and operation of the Hurontario LRT.

How will I know when major construction will begin in my community?

This year will be the start of major construction along the Hurontario corridor. We’ll mail out a construction notice to residents and business owners within 500 metres of construction as well as post the notice on our website (www.Metrolinx.com/HurontarioLRT).

Closer to the beginning of construction, we’ll repost the notice on our Twitter page (@HurontarioLRT) and on our Peel newsletter (sign up at www.Metrolinx.com/peel). We also share these updates at our monthly Construction Liaison Committee touchpoints with local businesses, community groups and resident’s associations. If you’d like to get involved in our CLCs please send us an email at [email protected].

How will traffic be affected during the construction period?

With any large transit project, vehicle traffic will be affected in various ways during different stages of construction, but efforts will be made to minimize the impacts in the following ways: offsetting lane closures by starting with removing the medians on Hurontario Street; providing commuters with advance notification of road or lane closures, enforcing safety measures to protect on-site workers and commuters on the road. Please take care when travelling through construction areas.

To stay up to date on traffic impacts of the Hurontario LRT construction, follow us on social media (@HurontarioLRT), or sign up for our monthly newsletter at www.metrolinx.com/Peel.

How do I apply for procurement opportunities with the contractor?

Mobilinx is the contractor responsible for design, construction, and 30-year operations and maintenance of the Hurontario LRT. Information on procurement opportunities are posted at www.mobilinx.ca/opportunities

I want a job with Mobilinx, what do I do?

If you are interested in a skilled trades opportunity (as an apprentice, or as a journeyperson) contact the union that represents the trade you would like to work with. All skilled trade workers on the Hurontario LRT Project will be union members and are hired according to protocol. If you are interested in a non-skilled trade opportunity, your role/position will not be unionized. There are two ways to be considered: 

  1. Apply online at www.mobilinx.ca and create a profile  
  2. Contact your local Employment Ontario agency or Peel Social Services Centre and ask them to connect you with Mobilinx.  

You can also follow Mobilinx on Linkedin where positions they are actively recruiting for at any given time are posted. 

What will access to residential streets and businesses look like when the HuLRT is in service?

The Hurontario LRT will run above ground on a semi-exclusive guideway (segregated centre-running LRT) with some interaction with regular traffic. Traffic will only be permitted to cross the tracks at select locations, typically major streets with signalized intersections. At minor side streets, traffic will not be permitted to cross the tracks, either turning left or going straight through. U-turns will be permitted at some locations to maintain access to all locations.

Will traffic lanes be reduced along Hurontario once the LRT is in service?

Two lanes of traffic plus turning lanes will be maintained along Hurontario Street, which will require adding a lane in each direction south of the Queensway. During rush hour more than 50 MiWay and Züm buses travel along the curb lanes, all but a few local buses will be replaced by the LRT.