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Eglinton Crosstown West Extension

Eglinton Crosstown West Extension - Get Engaged

Announced by the Province of Ontario in 2019, the proposed Eglinton Crosstown West Extension is one of four priority subway projects Metrolinx is leading for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will travel underground from the Eglinton Crosstown LRT at Mount Dennis Station, onto an elevated guideway between Jane Street and Scarlett Road, then continuing underground to Renforth Drive.

The underground alignment will generally stay within the Eglinton Avenue West right of way with a shift towards the north side for stations. This design will keep the majority of station construction off the road and reduce construction impacts.

Underground structures include bored tunnels, four underground stations (Martin Grove, Kipling, Islington, Royal York), one partially underground station (Renforth), plus emergency exits and cross passages, which are small passageways built to connect the eastbound and westbound tunnels for maintenance and/or emergency purposes.

Map showing the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension alignment Mount Dennis and Renforth; elevated stations between Jane and Scarlett; underground stations at<br />
Royal York, Islington, Kipling and Martin Grove; at grade station at Renforth. Also shows the conceptual alignment for the planned Pearson connection; locations of 10 cross passages between Mount Dennis and Jane, Scarlett and Royal York,<br />
Royal York and Islington, Islington and Kipling, Kipling and Martin Grove and Martin Grove and Renforth; locations of six emergency exit buildings between Scarlett and Royal York, Royal York and Islington, Islington and Kipling and Martin<br />
Grove and Renforth; the extraction shaft west of Scarlett and launch shaft at Renforth.

Aboveground structures include the elevated guideway, including a new bridge over the Humber River, two elevated stations (Scarlett and Jane), and surface structures such as emergency exit buildings (EEBs) and traction power substations.

These structures will be built during the first construction contract:

  • Twin tunnels
  • Cross passages
  • Headwalls for the underground stations and for two emergency exit buildings on Eglinton near Islington and Royal York

Metrolinx has completed a number of steps to advance the project.

  • May 20, 2021

    Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario have awarded the advance tunnel contract to West End Connectors to design, build and finance the tunnels for the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension.

  • April 2021

    Letters identifying transit corridor lands for the project were mailed to property owners and occupants in April.

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The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will bring the Crosstown LRT further west, creating a continuous LRT line along Eglinton Avenue, from the east end of Toronto into Mississauga.

Faster Travel Times and Higher Ridership

With seven proposed stations between Mount Dennis and Renforth Drive, the extension will make it much easier for people to experience the benefits of convenient and fast rapid transit, creating connections between four different transit systems to offer convenient links to other destinations throughout the region – UP Express and Kitchener Line GO train service at Mount Dennis, TTC bus services at transit stops in Toronto, and MiWay and GO bus services via the Mississauga Transitway at Renforth Drive.

Alt text: Graphic showing 37,000 weekday corridor boardings.
 Graphic showing 23% increase in weekday boardings on connecting transit
Graphic showing 14 minutes faster between Midtown Toronto and Downtown Mississauga.

Less Crowding

Etobicoke-based and Etobicoke-bound Line 2 subway users will benefit from the extension, as a substantial share of southbound Etobicoke bus riders and Eglinton Avenue Westbound bus riders (who would normally transfer to and from Line 2 during the morning peak) will shift to the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension, bypassing the Bloor-Eglinton bus and Kipling-Jane subway segments altogether.

Graphic showing 23% of Line 2 to Eglinton West bus riders will shift to LRT and 23% of Eglinton West to Line 2 bus riders will shift to the LRT.