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Built Heritage Resources & Cultural Heritage Landscapes - Exhibition Station

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Key Findings


  • The following built heritage resources/cultural heritage landscapes (BHRs/CHLs) have been identified within the study area:
    • 1 Atlantic Avenue;
    • 2-20 Atlantic Avenue;
    • 7-19 Fraser Avenue;
    • Exhibition Place (known Provincial Heritage Property of Provincial Significance), including 2 Strachan Avenue, 45 Manitoba Drive and 10 Nova Scotia Avenue;
    • 153 Dufferin Street;
    • 3 Mowat Avenue;
    • Cultural interpretive signs and silos/hoppers along the South Liberty Trail;
    • 75 East Liberty Street; and
    • 250 Fort York Boulevard – Fort York National Historic Site.
  • Of the BHRs/CHLs that have been identified, one (1 Atlantic Avenue) anticipated to be directly impacted.
  • No impacts, direct or indirect, are anticipated to other BHRs/CHLs.


Exhibition Station Early Works Cultural Heritage Study Area

Exhibition Station Early Works Cultural Heritage Study Area


Potential Effects and Mitigation Measures


  • Demolition of the main building at 1 Atlantic Avenue, a potential built heritage resource/cultural heritage landscape (BHR/CHL).
  • Potential vibration impacts to the chimney and accessory building at 1 Atlantic Avenue.

Mitigation Measures:

  • For 1 Atlantic Avenue, implement the following:
    • Consult with City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Services as part of the detailed design phase and prior to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, regarding any required physical impact to the property in order to determine and obtain any approval or permits.
    • Complete detailed documentation of the property that includes the identification of salvageable materials and/or heritage attributes, prior to demolition. Documentation should include a photographic record, drawings and floor plans, where appropriate. Heritage attributes of the property that are within the boundaries of the study area should be retained/conserved where possible.
    • The final development plan for the site should incorporate commemorative signage, in consultation with City of Toronto Heritage Preservation Services, to communicate the cultural heritage value or interest of the demolished structure.
    • Documentation of the structural condition of the chimney and accessory building. Establish vibration limits including the type of construction.


Picture of One Atlantic Avenue building

The main building at 1 Atlantic Avenue is within the Exhibition Station Early Works Project Footprint. The building was constructed between 1950 and 1953 and originally served as Westeel Company Ltd. metal fabricators, a mid-20th century example of a manufacturing plant. Potential heritage attributes of the property include the low horizontal massing of the two-storey red brick commercial building, which includes horizontal bands of windows and a flat roof. The property also includes a tall brick chimney and brick accessory building at the rear of the property. The front of the property includes urban landscaping with trees. Source: Google “Streetview”, 2019. http://maps.google.com

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