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Archeological Resources - Exhibition Station

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Key Findings


  • Most of the study area has been cleared of archaeological concerns.
  • A small section between the Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore West rail corridor still retains moderate to high archaeological potential associated with past historical activities and landmarks.
  • Where there is archaeological potential and disturbance is anticipated, further archaeological assessment(s) will be completed. The assessment may include deeply buried investigative techniques, such as mechanical topsoil removal, and mechanical trenching.


Archaeological Potential within Exhibition Station:

Early Works Archaeology Study Area

Map and legend of early works archaeological study area


Potential Effects and Mitigation Measures

Potential Effects:

  • Potential for disturbance of deeply buried archaeological resources (e.g., historical structure remnants) due to construction activities at Exhibition Station.

Mitigation Measures:

  • Complete additional archaeological assessments, where required, as early as possible and in advance of any ground disturbance.
  • If archaeological materials are encountered (or suspected) during construction, all work will stop. The site will be protected from impact and additional assessment will be undertaken.

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