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SmartTrack LIVE Event: Finch-Kennedy GO Station Virtual Open House – November 29, 2021

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As we continue to evolve the virtual engagement format, we are adding a call-in option for tonight’s event. To ask your question by voice, join the Zoom meeting here. We aim to keep each question and subsequent answer to 3 minutes allowing for as many call-in questions as possible.

NOTE: please ensure you have the latest version of Zoom installed.

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6:30: Meeting Begins/ Opening Remarks  

6:35: SmartTrack Finch-Kennedy GO Station Project Update  

7:00: Questions and Answers  

7:50: Wrap up & Closing Remarks  

8:00: Meeting End 

Meet the Speakers

David Brutto

David Brutto

Senior Project Manager, Transit Expansion Office, City of Toronto

Photo of Julie Chatten

Ghulam Mojadidi

Manager, Stations Capital Delivery, Metrolinx

Nilgun Erkoc

Nilgun Erkoc

Senior Manager, Community Engagement, GO Expansion Stations, Metrolinx

Gretel Green, M.Sc. CISEC

Gretel Green, M.Sc. CISEC

Manager, Environmental Programs & Assessment, Metrolinx

Anthony Irving

Anthony Irving

Manager, Stakeholder and Community Relations, Transit Expansion Office, City of Toronto


Raef Ghali, P.Eng, PMP, CCCA

4Transit – Senior Project Manager

Greg Tokarz

Greg Tokarz

Program Manager, Transit Implementation, City Planning, City of Toronto

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Nov 29, 2021 - 19:56

Is it possible to have a connection to some of the business’ parking lot? Like 27 milliken blvd and B122-3272 Midland Ave. This does not require destruction of businesses but improve connectivity of the area.

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The city did not provide signal priority to the high capacity LRT trains on the crosstown.
Will the city give signal priority to the SmartTrek trains, or should the trains wait for car traffic to clear before moving?