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Occasions pour participer: Expansion de GO

Nous entreprenons le plus vaste programme d'infrastructure de transport en commun dans l'histoire du Canada afin de maintenir la région en mouvement aujourd'hui et demain.

New Track & Facilities TPAP

Assessing new rail layover and train storage facilities at Burlington, Unionville, and Toronto and electrification of the lower Richmond Hill rail corridor.

GO Rail Network Electrification

Assessing additional electrification infrastructure required for new tracks and layover facilities proposed across various portions of the GO rail network that were not previously examined as part of the 2017 Environmental Project Report (EPR).

Kitchener Electrification – Guelph Subdivision

A TPAP is an environmental assessment that studies the environmental impacts or effects of transit projects, and provides proposed mitigation. This streamlined approach helps to protect the environment, and allows for feedback through regular consultation from communities and stakeholders. The scope of this environmental assessment study includes electrification of the rail corridor starting from west of Georgetown to Kitchener.