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DSBRT - PIC 3 - Environment

The Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit project is preparing for the Transit Project Assessment Process, a streamlined Environmental Assessment process under Ontario Regulation 231/08. To support the project, environmental studies are being completed to document existing conditions and assess any potential impacts from the Bus Rapid Transit project. 

Field investigations were undertaken in 2019 and 2020 to collect data on existing conditions.

The studies will determine potential impacts and document mitigation measures that could be applied to reduce or eliminate potential impacts. Mitigation measures proposed will be used by the design team to review and improve the design.

These studies will form part of the Environmental Project Report, which will be posted for public review.

Impact assessments for the air quality, noise and vibration, and climate change studies are still underway. More details on impacts and mitigation measures will be available at Public Information Centre #4.

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