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Kitchener Corridor - Heritage Road Layover - Background Information

The right investment at the right time; GO Rail Expansion will enable:

More Trips

6000 weekly trips.

2x as many rush-hour options. 3x as many off-peak options.

Faster Travel

Electric trains accelerate and decelerate faster.

Introduction of additional express services.

High Frequency

No need to check a schedule with service every 15 minutes or better, in both directions, all day.

More Capacity

Doubling regional commuter capacity equivalent to nine highways the size of the 401.

Reduced Congestion

More trains = reduced congestion across the region, taking close to 145,000 car trips per day, off the road.

Create Jobs

An estimated 8,300 annual jobs created for the first 12 years of delivery will be created over the lifecycle of the program.

Saves Taxpayers Money

All operating costs covered with fare box revenue. GO Rail revenues will exceed 110% of operating costs over the next 60 years.

Increased Ridership

More options and faster trains will increase peak and off peak service. By 2055, annual ridership will exceed 200 million.

GO Expansion

  • 42 upgraded stations
  • 205 kilometers of new track
  • 687 kilometers of electrified track
  • Trains running up to 29% faster with 60% lower operating costs per kilometre
  • 6 new maintenance and storage facilities
  • 14 bridges upgraded
  • 11 pedestrian and river grade separations
  • 2 rail/rail grade separations
  • 11 road/rail grade separations
  • Two-way, all-day service across 5 GO Rail lines with over 6,000 services per week.

The GO Expansion program will provide a range of improvements across the GTHA:

Over 6,000 services per week

More all-day service, service in both directions and trains at least every 15 minutes.

Faster and More Efficient Fleet

Trains that are up to 30% faster and up to 50% cheaper per train km to operate.

More Accessible Stations

Improvements to stations access and boarding and alighting.

An Expanded Union Station

Capacity for train and passenger movements for the rest of the century.

Kitchener Corridor

To get people moving we are actively building and upgrading existing GO rail stations, adding new track, building and opening new maintenance and storage facilities, expanding and revitalizing bridges around our region and improving pedestrian connections.

Map displaying the corridor containing the proposed Heritage Road Layover. The Heritage Road Layover is proposed within the Halton Subdivision of the Kitchener Corridor, between Heritage Road (Mile 20.14) and Winston Churchill Boulevard (Mile 21.15) in the City of Brampton, Regional Municipality of Peel.

Learn more about the GO Expansion program and review the GO Expansion Business Case.

Review the full Public Information Center #1 presentation document to learn more about the proposed Heritage Road Layover project.

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