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Davenport Diamond Greenway Engagement – November 29 to December 13

The Davenport community will have two upcoming opportunities to engage on the Davenport Greenway project. 

The first will be during a 2 week period between November 29 – December 13, where community members will be able to download a PDF presentation, read about the updates for the design development work on the Davenport Greenway project and post your questions. View the December 13th live event page.

Presentation Materials

View of the Greenway looking north at the connection to Campbell Park showing the upper Guideway, the Multi Use Trail, pollinator landscape gardens, pathways and seating ‘rafts

A typical cross-section view of the Greenway looking south, showing the upper Guideway, and paths, Multi-Use Trail and pollinator gardens. Trellis screens with vines and signage beacon are shown in the distance, along with the exit stair for the upper Guideway.

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