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Yonge North Subway Extension LIVE - April 7, 2021

Archive - April 7, 2021

On April 7 2021, Metrolinx hosted a virtual open house including speakers from our senior leadership team with over 500 people in attendance. During the one-and a half hour open house, we answered as many questions as possible about the Yonge North Subway Extension. Participants voted on questions and asked many questions about our project plan, station locations, potential property impacts and mitigation measures for noise and vibration.

In case you missed the event, you’ll find the answers in the video recording below. We also received additional questions during the virtual session and are committed to providing answers to questions we received. Answers will be posted at the bottom of this page. 







6:30: Meeting Begins/ Opening Remarks

6:35: Yonge North Subway Extension Project Update

6:50: Questions and Answers

7:55: Wrap up & Closing Remarks

Presentation Materials

Meet the Speakers

Photo of Raj Khetarpal

Raj Khetarpal

Acting VP for Community Engagement – 905 Region

Photo of Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Program Sponsor for YNSE

Photo of Adrian Piccolo

Adrian Piccolo

Vice President of Subways Project - YNSE

Photo of Nasim Bozorgmehr

Nasim Bozorgmehr

Senior Advisor for Rapid Transit Planning

Photo of Monika Stade

Monika Stade

Senior Manager, Property Acquisition

Photo of James Francis

James Francis

Manager, Environmental Planning Assessment

Photo of Charlie Hoang

Charlie Hoang

Global Lead, Transit Architecture, Technical Advisor

Other Attendees

  • Sam Kulendran, Engineer, Technical Advisor

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