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Ontario Line

The Ontario Line

The proposed Ontario Line will bring nearly 16 kilometres of much-needed subway service to Toronto to make it faster and easier for hundreds of thousands of people to get where they need to be each day.

The line will stretch across the city, from the Ontario Science Centre in the northeast to Ontario Place in the southwest. 

Current plans for the line include 15 potential stations, including six interchange stations and 17 new connections to GO train lines and existing subway and streetcar lines.

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Faster Commutes

The Ontario Line would make it much faster to travel across the city. 

From Thorncliffe Park, a commute to the heart of downtown would be 26 minutes instead of the current 42. 

A trip from Pape to Queen would take less than half the time, going from 25 minutes today to 12 minutes.

Less Crowding

The Ontario Line could reduce crowding by as much as 14% on the busiest stretch of the TTC’s Line 1. It would significantly reduce crowding at numerous stations across the network, including the following key transfer points:

  • Bloor/Yonge Station - 17% less crowding
  • Eglinton Station - 15% less crowding
  • Union Station - 13% less crowding


Number of proposed stations15
Number of proposed connections to other transit options17
  • 3 GO lines
  • 4 connections to Line 1, 2 and Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown)
  • 10 Connections to King, Queen and Gerrard streetcars
Approximate number of route kms15.5km
Estimated ridership389,000 daily boardings
Estimated frequencyAs frequent as every 90 seconds
Estimated access to transit154,000 more people within walking distance to transit
Estimated access to jobs53,000 more jobs accessible in 45 minutes or less for Toronto residents
Target completion date2027