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SmartTrack is coming to Toronto to bring you a better connected, more modern transit network to get you where you need to go within your city and beyond.

The SmartTrack Stations program will leverage roughly 40 km of Metrolinx’s pre-existing GO rail corridors within the city to build new rail stations closer to where you live.

This transformative infrastructure project will provide a greater choice of reliable and convenient route options to shorten commutes and increase quality of life for Torontonians. The new stations are projected to bring 110,000 new daily riders to the rail network by 2031, providing easy access to more than 52 major regional destinations located within 800 metres of transit stations, including major shopping centres, community facilities and educational institutions.

The SmartTrack Stations program is a collaboration between the Province of Ontario, City of Toronto and Metrolinx. With funding from the City of Toronto and the federal government, the City will be able to make use of Metrolinx’s GO rail infrastructure in Toronto to remake the regional commuter service into an urban rapid transit network.

For more information visit: www.metrolinx.com/smarttrack

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