Participation Opportunities

These are the previous consultation opportunities we held. You can see an archive of all the input that was provided by clicking on an opportunity below.

The comment period for Electrification has now closed. The comments submitted will be considered as part of the pre-consultation phase of the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for network electrification. The Draft Environmental Project Reports will be developed over the coming weeks and we will be reporting back to affected communities on these reports in late summer. We will be continuing the conversation throughout the TPAP even though this phase has ended. Please visit the electrification website at for information updates.

The comment period for New Stations and Station Access has now closed. We received useful insights from this round of consultations which will be used to inform the next stages of our work, and we will integrate comments into our recommendations to the Board.

The comment period for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Review has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who submitted comments. A Discussion Paper will be released in Summer 2016, providing an additional opportunity for feedback toward an updated RTP in 2017. For more information on the RTP review and update, please visit

The comment period on the Eglinton Crosstown station names has now ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your thoughtful comments are very helpful as we move forward.