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Participation Opportunities: GO Expansion

It’s Happening

Year after year, train by train, bus by bus, Metrolinx has committed to improving transit for people living in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Now, that work is taking on a whole new energy. Thanks to a huge investment in infrastructure, Metrolinx is working to quadruple GO Rail service and improve customer experiences.

To get people moving we are actively building and upgrading existing GO Rail stations, adding new track, building and opening new maintenance and storage facilities, expanding and revitalizing bridges around our region and improving pedestrian connections. Read more about GO Expansion on our blog.

GO Expansion consists of many different projects. The largest piece represents all the work that is required to enable service levels identified in the GO Expansion Full Business Case, including new trains, signals, systems, as well as the maintenance and operation of the system for years to come.

Find ways to participate in the GO Expansion public consultations that are happening now and learn more about these exciting investments below.

GO Expansion Program

The GO Expansion Program consists of six projects: New Track and Facilities, Scarborough Junction Grade Separation, Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations, Network-Wide Structures Project, GO Rail Network Electrification and the Union Station Trainshed Heritage Conservation.

Kitchener Corridor Expansion

The 30-day public review period of the Environmental Project Report closed on September 19, 2022. The Report is now under a 35-day review by the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks until November 9, 2022.

Metrolinx is focused on bringing better GO services, faster, to our customers in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. We’ve heard from our riders that they want more transit options across the network, so we are committed to bringing two-way all-day service to the Kitchener corridor.

Lakeshore East - West Early Works

Preparatory works to enable the future addition of a fourth track on the Lakeshore East (LSE) Corridor are getting underway. The fourth track will contribute to passenger journey time improvements for all transit trips on LSE and Stouffville Corridors, improve service reliability and deliver increased service benefits within the City of Toronto.

Maple GO

This upcoming public consultation will be an opportunity to give us your feedback on our updated plans for a western pedestrian access point to Maple GO Station along Lindenshire Avenue. We made some changes to the design of the pedestrian access point based on your feedback, and we’d like to show you the results.


SmartTrack is coming to Toronto to bring you a better connected, more modern transit network to get you where you need to go within your city and beyond. The SmartTrack Stations program will leverage roughly 40 km of Metrolinx’s pre-existing GO rail corridors within the city to build new rail stations closer to where you live.

Barrie GO Line Expansion

Doubling the tracks is an important step in expanding train service for GO riders along the Barrie Line. Between May 24-31, 2021, join us on this page for a virtual open house where you can get the latest information on construction efforts to double the tracks along a section of the north-south route.

Davenport Diamond

The Davenport Diamond Grade Separation Project is a critical part of Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program and represents an important transit infrastructure commitment that will significantly improve service on the Barrie GO line. To solve the congestion problem, Metrolinx will build a raised Guideway for GO trains above the CP rail tracks.

Don Valley Layover Facility

As part of the GO Expansion Program, Metrolinx has identified various infrastructure required to achieve service level targets across the network.