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Please join us on October 7, 2021 at 6:30pm for a presentation and question-and-answer session about the Ontario Line transit project’s Downtown segment (Osgoode, Queen, Moss Park and Corktown Stations). The panel will include experts from our project team. Live captioning will be provided.

Our virtual platform allows you to vote on the questions you would most like answered, and the order our experts take them in will be based on popularity (total votes).

We encourage you to submit and vote on questions now. You may also submit questions during the meeting. 

As we continue to evolve the virtual engagement format, we have added a call-in option via our Zoom room so participants can also ask their questions live.

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Submit questions & vote now! (Downtown segment – October 7)



6:30PM: Meeting Begins/Opening Remark

6:35PM: Presentation: Ontario Line Project Update for Osgoode, Queen, Moss Park, and Corktown Stations

7:00PM : Questions and Answers (pre-submitted questions)

7:30PM: Questions and Answers (call-in questions via Zoom)

7:55PM: Wrap up and Closing Remarks

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Questions will be answered based on popularity (total votes). We aim to answer all questions.

Please review and note that conduct inconsistent with our policies will result in removal.

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Sep 3, 2021 - 16:16

Will you install a lower concourse below the TTC Osgoode station of line 1

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 3, 2021 - 16:29

will you utilize Queen station's underpass as a lower concourse for the Ontario line

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 3, 2021 - 17:52

Is it best that you can construct Moss Park station's concourse like the concourse in TTC Chester station secondary entrance

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 3, 2021 - 17:58

along with Osgoode, I think Corktown station should not only have a center island platform but also platform screen doors like th' Montreal REM

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 00:03

along with Exhibition station, what other stations will have underground streetcar loops?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 00:50

Since there's a lot of room in the tunnel between the portal and Corktown station, is it okay that you add a new station at Cherry St. so that the Ontario line can better serve the waterfront, the distillery district and the canary district ?

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 4, 2021 - 00:52

will all the stations have ESCALATORS

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 01:06

Is it best that the Ontario line will open in different phases, like the Montreal REM

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 11:56

In order to expand Osgoode station for the Ontario Line, Metrolinx proposes chopping down a grove of trees at the south-west corner of the Osgoode Hall grounds. Instead of chopping down the trees, why not dig the excavation shaft in the northbound lanes of University Avenue. The City has a proposal to convert the northbound lanes of University Avenue into a pedestrian promenade.


Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 13:26

if you do build a new station at Cherry St, can you redirect the Cherry streetcar off-street or underground to service a new streetcar loop ?

Anonymous's avatar

In the previous session, a questioner asked about a second entrance or exit at Moss Park station. The answer seemed puzzling, saying that the station would have 2 separate exit paths but presumably only one entrance structure. Could you explain this better? Is the plan to have a separate exit-only structure similar to that at Pape station?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 5, 2021 - 01:01

With the closure of Queen and Yonge for 5 years for the subway construction, will there be more closures on Queen at Sherborne, University and Spadina as well?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 5, 2021 - 12:27

Currently, if an elevator is out-of-service, the whole station could be inaccessible. Will dual or two elevators be available, so that is one is out-of-service, the other could still be used?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 5, 2021 - 23:21

One of the big concerns is train capacity. Can a wider train, such as the Canada line, be used to ensure maximum capacity? Transit capacity depend on train size, and also dwell time to load/unload passengers. To this end, has the Spanish solution been considered for the major interchange stations (i.e. Pape, Yonge, and maybe Osgoode and East Harbour). Here, there would be 3 platforms, a side platform for each direction where passengers board and a centre platform where they disembark. Another option would be provisions for a longer station at the interchange stations. This way, a 120 metre train would have a 100m platform at most stations - with passengers knowing that the first car does not open doors north of Bloor, and the last car does not open doors south of Bloor, but at the interchanges, all car doors open. Either of these 2 ideas, or both, reduces the dwell time at the key interchange stations where it matters most.

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 7, 2021 - 17:27

Why not include a Cherry Street Station? - Wouldn't it make sense to include a Cherry Street Station as a connection to a future Waterfront LRT?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 7, 2021 - 17:33

Why not include a Cherry Street Station? - Wouldn't it make sense to include a Cherry Street Station as a connection to a future Waterfront LRT?

Anonymous's avatar

And visitors to Distillery District. East Harbour is pretty close to both if you have a bridge for walking over the river there wouldn't need a stop at Cherry Street could walk right in to East Harbour station

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 8, 2021 - 18:03

Many of the newer stations elsewhere in town have ugly exposed concrete walls and cheaply done floors, stairs, walls, ceilings scattered through them -- the interiors are cold and ugly and a terrible image to tourists. Can we be assured here that major downtown interchanges and stops near tourist zones will have lovely, well-designed, and colourful interiors, without the boring ugly gray exposed bare concrete/pipes/etc? Think more like the Elizabeth Line in London and less like the Vaughan extension or Ottawa downtown stations, please.

W. K. Lis's avatar
Sep 10, 2021 - 15:07

Will the staircases include bicycle runnels, and wheelchair & walker runnels? A bicycle runnel are usually a grooved guide next to a stairway so people can go up and down without having to lift and carry their bikes. You just guide your bike wheels into the groove and push it up or squeezed the brakes and walk it down. For wheelchair and walker runnels, they are usually ramps on the stairwell, so a third party can push the wheelchair (even baby strollers) up or down, whenever there are NO elevator or escalator available in service for some reason (like a power failure).


Furry Rider's avatar
Sep 12, 2021 - 03:57

Doesn't it show a lack of foresight not to build a station to connect with a future Waterfront LRT at Cherry Street?

Anonymous's avatar

Wondering why there is still no sign that the auto dealership at King-Parliament-Front, beside the Staples location that is closing to become the TBM launch site and eventual Corktown station, will be moving soon? They even just repaved their parking lot!

It seems ridiculous that Metrolinx acted so rapidly to expropriate the city-owned property south of Front when it's still not clear that you're moving as urgently about the actual block where all of the earliest work will happen. When will you be clearing the entire KingEast-Parliament-Front-Berkeley block?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 16, 2021 - 19:34

Not including a station at Cherry St. be a big problem. how?

I doubt that Corktown will be able to serve all districts and waterfront, especially the Portlands, since it's not near King St. or Corktown station.

This is another reason why Cherry St. station should be built