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Metrolinx promises to seek your input to help us make the best decisions

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Is this meaning of this promise clear?

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If the meaning of this promise is not clear, how would you word it differently?

without providing the stations in the populated areas... then what is the point of giving feedback to Metrolinx?

Metrolinx will consider your input in making decisions

Dismantle the board of directors. replace it with grassroots stewards councils, who would have the power to make decisions for their neighbourhoods and combined make decisions on regional publicly controlled transit.

How should we measure our performance on this promise?

keep up the good communication with your customers

This is very challenging, because eventually "hard choices" need to be made. You can not possibly please all of the people all of the time. So, my recommendation is" For every "key decision" communicate "who was consulted", the primary options, and the reason for the option that was chosen.

That they actually do listen to our input. I am in the davenport diamond community and clearly you are not listening there. we need better noise and pollution mitigation

The meaning is clear. Keeping this promise will be impossible. Taking public input is good. However, key decisions need to be made based on professional data. Public input should be limited to alignment, station facilities and amenities. The technology and stations should be left to professional planners and not politicians or lobbyist such as developers or outspoken public who doesn't use transit and wants transit for land value gains.

I implore you to listen and act on community suggestions. These communities live with the result was of Metrolinx construction on a daily basis while Metrolinx employees retreat to Bay Street.

This is also subjective. Performance could be measured based on inputs considered.