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Finch West Eateries Offer Takeout’s

May 20, 2020

We’re participating in #CanadaTakeout to show our support of eateries offering take-outs during this period near the Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) project corridor.

The Finch West LRT line is being constructed in -- one of the most culturally diverse areas in the Greater Toronto Areas (GTA). It includes neighbourhoods such as Jamestown, Rexdale and Black Creek, areas that boast a population from all the continents, including the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. And where there are culturally diverse residents, there is good food.

De Karibbean King Roti, Bakery and Grocery, at 2300 Finch Ave. W., #51 has takeout and delivery services through Doordash and UberEats.  Check out their offerings online and to order call 416-745-7979.

Having run a restaurant business in Guyana, Ginja Ramrattan has been doing the same on Finch West since 2012. He and his wife Sharon share the duties as cooks and their two sons put sweat equity into the business as well, one working in the roti shop, the other doing deliveries. And they haven’t left Guyana behind. The island lives on in the flavours of the food served fresh and to order and the adjoining market features goods imported from “home.” Besides food and spices, such as noodles and curry powder, there are also Guyanese cooking utensils. While they specialize in the Guyanese style of cooking, Sharon says their customers come from all over the world.

Sharon is a vegetarian, and while goat and chicken roti are among their most popular dishes, she ensures there are plenty of vegetarian options available too, such as veggie burgers and roasted eggplant and parata roti.

Besides cheese rolls and plaited breads, the bakery produces bread and pastries that are egg-free. If you have a sweet tooth, there are pineapple tarts and coconut rolls. The icing on the cake, however, is the cake: the bakery features black rum fruit cake year-round.

In case you’re wondering about the safety of ordering takeout, medical experts and researchers say there’s no evidence and it’s unlikely the virus is transmitted via food. They ask us to practice safe distancing and hygiene though. Tips to protect yourself and food workers include:

  • Before the food arrives, clean any surfaces it will touch.
  • Pay (and tip) in advance to lessen time spent with the delivery driver or restaurant staff.
  • Ask the driver to leave the food on the doorstep/porch and pick it up after the driver has left.
  • Remove the food from the takeout bags or containers, and dispose/recycle them appropriately.
  • After recycling package, wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Wipe counters and other surfaces where you unpacked the food.

Social Media Message

Eateries like De Karibbean King Roti, Bakery and Grocery are open and offer takeout or delivery in the #FinchWestLRT corridor. The flavours of Guyana live on in the food served fresh and to order. Baked goods and roti (meat or vegetarian) are the most popular dishes. Delivery available thru @ubereats @doordash #CanadaTakeout