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Strategy #5: Change Ready

Given the speed with which technology is evolving, it’s pretty ambitious to plan 25 years down the road. How do we predict the future when so many things are uncertain? What about all the changes we’re going to see in employment, demographics, technology and leadership? All these unknowns can influence the future of our region, including the ways we move, where we live and how we work. We need to prepare for these challenges, today.

New business models and technologies

  • Business models like car sharing and ride-sourcing are already blurring the lines between public and private transportation.
  • Automated vehicles and technologies are expected to dramatically change how people and goods are moved, and impact both the transportation and land use systems.
  • The Draft 2041 RTP emphasizes strategies that are adaptive so that adjustments can be made as these disruptive technologies become more prevalent.

Climate Change in the GTHA

  • Transportation is the leading cause of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Ontario – 33% in 2013
  • Under the Climate Change Action Plan (2016)the province has committed to reducing GHG emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, through changes in transportation, residential and commercial building practices, research and development and other areas.

    The times are definitely changing. Car sharing and ride-sourcing are already affecting the way we get around, and autonomous vehicles are not very far off. We all know change is coming. It’s up to us to leverage innovation and emerging technologies for the benefit of all GTHA residents.Read more

    The forecast calls for hotter temperatures, more intense rainfalls and severe and more frequent rainstorms. How will you get to where you need to go? How will extreme weather affect your trip? If we do nothing to combat climate change, commute times will get longer and air quality will get poorer. We need to work proactively to change that future. Better resiliency to climate change is possible if we build it together.Read more