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Strategy #1: Complete Delivery


In 2008, The Big Move kicked off an unprecedented expansion in rapid transit infrastructure. The Draft Plan takes everything learned from working on those projects and looks to the future — with over $30 billion in investments for rapid transit committed, and ambitious projects already underway. Our goal is to create a seamless, connected region, bringing the maximum benefits to people, businesses and public institutions such as schools and hospitals. The work has begun — it’s up to all of us to maintain the momentum!

Open Full Map: Existing and In Delivery Regional Rail and Rapid Transit Projects

What are some of the things Metrolinx and its partners have been working on?

  • Hamilton B Line LRT
  • Highway 7 West BRT
  • Hurontario LRT
  • Yonge BRT (North and South)
  • Niagara GO Service
  • GO Extensions to Bowmanville, Bloomington and Confederation
  • GO Regional Express Rail
  • The revitalization of a key regional transport hub — Union Station
  • Mississauga Transitway
  • Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension
  • Eglinton Crosstown LRT
  • Scarborough Subway
  • Sheppard East LRT

For more information, please see page 16 and 17 of the Draft Plan.

Until recently, GO trains have been commuter-focused, built to move people from suburbs to downtown Toronto in the morning and then bring them home again at night. There’s a lot of untapped potential there. The Draft Plan makes better use of the GO rail network, transforming GO trains into the backbone of a new, fully-integrated and much-expanded transportation system.Read more