Stop Naming Finch West LRT

About Finch West LRT

The Finch West LRT is an 11-kilometre light rail transit (LRT) line that will run along the surface of Finch Avenue West between the new TTC Finch West Subway Station at Keele Street to Humber College (Hwy. 27). It will include 18 stops, including 16 surface stops, plus an underground interchange station at Finch West (connecting to the new Toronto-York-Spadina Subway Extension), and one below-grade terminal stop at Humber College. Learn more

About this consultation

Metrolinx's Design Excellence team recently studied harmonization of regional transit wayfinding which includes station, stop and interchange naming. A set of principles were established for selecting names consistently across the regional transit network, helping to make transit easier to navigate.

Our five principles in determining new wayfinding names:

  1. Simple - Simple names are easier to remember
  2. Logical - Logical names provide a mental link when trip planning, they should be relevant to the area they reside
  3. Durable - Names should be relevant as long as the station exists
  4. Self-locating - Names should allow users to mentally locate themselves within the region
  5. Unique - A unique name is one that cannot be confused with any other

For the Finch West LRT line, applying these principles has led us to propose changes to four stop names. Recognizing the importance of balancing technical requirements with public input, we are seeking your feedback on new names:

  1. Jane and Finch (currently Jane)
  2. Mount Olive (currently Kipling)
  3. Thistletown (currently Islington)
  4. Emery Village (currently Weston)

The comment submission period is now closed. An engagement report will be posted here soon.

We value your feedback. Your comments will be evaluated and a report analyzing all the responses will be posted following the online engagement closure. Your feedback will considered by the Metrolinx Board at the next Board of Directors meeting on March 8, 2018.