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GO Expansion Program

GO Expansion Program - Public Information Centre #2


GO Expansion consists of many different projects. The largest piece represents all the work that is required to enable service levels identified in the GO Expansion Full Business Case, including new trains, signals, systems, track, as well as the maintenance and operation of the system for years to come. The following five GO Expansion elements, are undertaking a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) or TPAP addendum regulated by the Province of Ontario. These five projects include: three (3) TPAPs – New Track and Facilities TPAP, Scarborough Junction Grade Separation TPAP, Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations TPAP, and two (2) addenda - Network-Wide Structures Project (an Addendum to the Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion TPAP 2017), and an Addendum to the GO Rail Network Electrification TPAP 2017.

Proposed new infrastructure, as part of Go Expansion, includes new track and facilities (such as layover facilities, storage yards, etc.) throughout the network and a number of grade separations (places where the rail network is separated from the road network or other rail lines). These new elements represent work that is required to enable two-way all-day GO service.

To read more about GO Expansion on our blog, click here.

Metrolinx has issued the Notice of Commencement for the three (3) TPAPs on September 8, 2020. To view the Notice of Commencement click here.

We will be back in the Fall of this year for the third and final round of consultation. Check back here often or sign-up to receive updates on upcoming Metrolinx engagement opportunities.

Round 2 of consultation was recently held online from August 18 to September 1, 2020. It focused on presenting and seeking feedback on newly proposed infrastructure and environmental study results for the three (3) TPAPs. Please note that while all five TPAPs/addenda kicked off in Round 1 together, they all have their own timelines. To view materials presented during the round of consultation, please click here.

Round 1 of consultation was held in February of 2020. It consisted of 10 public meetings across the region to introduce the OnCorridor Works, as part of GO Expansion. If you would like to look at the public materials from the February 2020 open houses, including meeting boards, info sheets, as well as the summary of feedback from Round 1, please click here.

Check out the map below to see what infrastructure is proposed near you and which TPAP or addenda the infrastructure falls under. Click on the project button at the bottom of this page to watch a project video, learn more, and provide feedback.

Map of the projects undergoing a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) as part of the GO Expansion program. The proposed new infrastructure improvements have a network-wide impact, but are located primarily on the Lakeshore West, Kitchener, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and Lakeshore East Rail Corridors. The following proposed projects are being evaluated through the TPAP process: 1. New Track & Facilities TPAP which includes New Beach Layover by Burlington GO, New Walkers Line Layover by Appleby GO, Track upgrades by Oakville GO, Track upgrade by Long Branch GO, New turnback track by Eglinton GO, Track upgrades by Whitby GO, New third track,Thickson Road Bridge Expansion, and new track and island platform at Oshawa GO,	New track by Allandale GO,	New Track by York University GO,	Track updgrades, electrification of rail corridor fro Utnion Station to ottery Rd, and new Don Valley Layover,	New passing track, new side platform at Mount Joy GO,	New track, and new island platform and new Unionville equipment storage yard by Unionville GO. 2. Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations TPAP which includes	Denison St, Road Underpass,	Kennedy Road, Road Underpass,	Passmore Ave, Road Underpass,	McNicoll Ave, Road Underpass,	Huntingwood Dr, Road Underpass,	Havendale Rd, Road Closure with Multi-Use Crossing, and	Progress Ave, Road Overpass. 3. Scarborough Junction Grade Separation TPAP which includes	Scarborough GO modification/ relocation,	Rail Bridge Widening at St Clair Ave E,	Train Storage Layover (Midland Layover),	Stouffville line Rail-Rail Grade Separation,	Depressed Rail under Danforth Rd, and	Corvette Park Multi-Use Crossing. 4. Network Wide Structures Project which includes	Wellington St East, Road Underpass and	McNaughton Rd, Road Underpass 5. System-Wide Projects which includes	Noise and Vibration Assessment and	Air Quality Assessment Update.