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New Track & Facilities TPAP

New Track & Facilities TPAP Round 1

Environmental Assessments and Addendums under the Transit Project Assessment Process

To support the GO Expansion program, Metrolinx has identified various infrastructure requirements including track and switches, layovers, and electrification to achieve established service level targets across the network. New infrastructure involves carrying out Environmental Assessments (EA) and EA Addendums under the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) (Ontario Regulation 231/08). Infrastructure for this TPAP includes:

  • New rail layover and train storage facilities at Burlington, Unionville, and Toronto; and
  • Electrification of the lower Richmond Hill rail corridor.

An Addendum to the GO Rail Network Electrification Environmental Project Report (EPR) is also being undertaken for the new track and facilities infrastructure (See GO Rail Network Electrification addendum). 

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What’s a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP)?

A TPAP is an environmental assessment that studies the environmental impacts or effects of transit projects, and provides proposed mitigation. This streamlined approach helps to protect the environment, and allows for feedback through regular consultation with communities and stakeholders. The process involves a pre-consultation phase followed by a regulated 120-day phase where the environmental effects of the project are analyzed. 

About GO Expansion

To get people moving we are actively building and upgrading existing GO Rail stations, adding new track, building and opening new maintenance and storage facilities, expanding and revitalizing bridges around our region and improving pedestrian connections. Learn more about theGO Expansion program where you can also review the GO Expansion Business Case.

Investing in our future

Year after year, train by train, bus by bus, Metrolinx has committed to constantly improving transit for people living in in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Now, that work is taking on a whole new energy. Thanks to a huge investment in infrastructure, Metrolinx is working to quadruple GO Rail service and improve customer experiences.