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New Track & Facilities

New Track & Facilities

What's New?

The Environmental Project Report for New Track and Facilities is now available for public review from December 30, 2020 to January 28, 2021.



As part of the GO Expansion Program, Metrolinx has identified various infrastructure required to achieve service level targets across the network.

The New Track & Facilities TPAP is one component of the GO Expansion Program that will follow a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) (Ontario Regulation 231/08). New infrastructure being proposed as part of the New Track & Facilities TPAP includes:

  • three (3) new layover/storage facilities along various corridors; Don Valley Layover (Richmond Hill Corridor – City of Toronto), Walkers Line (Lakeshore West Corridor – City of Burlington) and Unionville Storage Facility (Stouffville Corridor – City of Markham);
  • new platforms at existing GO Stations;
  • new tracks/switches within existing Metrolinx Rights-of-Way (ROW); 
  • modifications or upgrades to existing tracks within existing Metrolinx rail ROW;
  • bridge expansion/modifications; and
  • electrification of a portion of the Richmond Hill GO Rail Corridor up to Pottery Road in the City of Toronto.

Map outlining the locations of New Track & Facilities TPAP proposed infrastructure on the Lakeshore West, Kitchener, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and Lakeshore East rail corridors. This infrastructure includes previously approved: portions of corridors to be electrified, paralleling station, traction power substation, switching station and tap site.

Project Status

The Notice of Completion for the New Track and Facilities TPAP was issued on December 29, 2020, and the 30-day public review of the Environmental Project Report is underway from December 30, 2020 to January 28, 2021.

The Notice of Commencement for this TPAP was issued on September 8, 2020.  

Round 3 of public consultation for the GO Expansion Program was held online from November 27 to December 11, 2020. To view the materials from Round 3, click here.

Round 2 of consultation was held online from August 18 to September 1, 2020. To view the materials from Round 2, click here.

A Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) is a focused impact assessment process created specifically for transit projects. The process involves a pre-consultation phase followed by a regulated up to 120-day phase and includes consultation, an assessment of positive and negative impacts, an assessment of measures to mitigate negative impacts and documentation.

A TPAP ensures that the natural, social, cultural, and economic environments are protected and any potential adverse effects from proposed infrastructure are either avoided, mitigated or minimized.

TPAPs are regulated by Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act, specifically Ontario Regulation 231/08 - Transit Projects and Metrolinx Undertakings, and are submitted for the Minister of the Environment Conservation and Parks' review prior to completion.

>Public, stakeholder, and Indigenous consultation occurs throughout the process.

The above new transit infrastructure is being assessed through a TPAP under Ontario Regulation 231/08 - Transit Projects and Metrolinx Undertakings.