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Community Charter

We’re developing a Community Charter that will capture our commitment to the people and communities we serve. But we want your input to make sure we get it right.

Safety is a key commitment to the communities we operate and build in. We think that should be reflected in the Community Charter but want to hear from you.
As a public agency, Metrolinx has an obligation to steward resources responsibly and that means demonstrating that Metrolinx is investing wisely.
Courtesy and respect should be at the forefront of our outreach efforts to residents and communities.
Making informed decisions means proactively seeking input from the community, considering it carefully, and reporting back on how and why those decisions were made.
Being open and transparent means making all information available in a timely way for those who desire access to it, but it also means preparing information and presenting important issues that you find meaningful and informative.
At Metrolinx, we’re building new opportunities to connect with the people and places that matter most to you, and anchor a vibrant, exciting, and sustainable community, city, region.