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Annual Accessibility Public Consultation

Closed: Annual Accessibility Public Consultation 2020

New: 2021-2022 Consultation

Visit the current Annual Accessibility Public Consultation and provide your feedback.

Safety Never Stops

As a result of the limits on public gatherings due to COVID-19, the Metrolinx accessibility public consultations will be entirely virtual for 2020.

We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to provide input in a format that is accessible to you. For any accommodations or alternative formats, please contact us at [email protected], or 416-525-2493.

Purpose of this consultation:

  1. To provide an update on accessibility achievements
  2. To share information on key planned initiatives for next year
  3. Seek feedback to ensure our services and projects reflect your needs, and to provide an opportunity for input into our accessibility planning efforts.

Format of this consultation:

This year we will focus on seven areas to update you on the work completed in 2020 and the milestones ahead:

  1. Universal Design At Metrolinx
  2. GO Rail and Bus
  3. New Subway Projects
  4. Presto
  5. Light Rail Transit Services (LRT)
  6. Regional Specialized Transit Working Group
  7. How you can get involved

At the end of each section you will be asked to provide feedback on your experiences and priorities.

Universal Design at Metrolinx: Our Commitment

The organization will work diligently to remove existing barriers to access, avoid creating new barriers, and address gaps hindering the safety and customer experience of persons with disabilities. Metrolinx will demonstrate leadership, consulting widely and incorporating best practices that go above minimum legislated requirements to enhance accessibility in its services and infrastructure.

This includes the commitment to:

ensuring that its services, infrastructure and operations are accessible, safe and convenient to all customers and employees in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and to

working with partners in the GTHA to plan, build and operate an integrated accessible transportation system.

How We Will Use Input:

Summary of feedback from public consultations will be posted online at http://www.metrolinx.com/en/aboutus/accessibility/default.aspx.

Your input will be considered during the preparation of the Accessibility Status Report

How You Can Get Involved: AAC, Testing & Other Consultations

If you’re interested in receiving invites for other accessibility consultation events or opportunities, or would like to find out how to apply to our Accessibility Advisory Committee, please email us at [email protected].