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About the Plan

About the Draft Plan

The Draft Plan outlines how governments,  transit agencies, businesses, institutions, civic organizations and the public can work together to continue building an integrated transportation system that supports a high quality of life, a prosperous and competitive economy and a protected environment in our region. As the provincial agency mandated with improving the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the GTHA, Metrolinx has developed the Draft Plan for review in consultation with partners, stakeholders and the public.

We worked in close collaboration with our partners — all working towards building a better-connected tomorrow.

How will the Draft Plan make a Difference?

The strategies and priority actions outlined in the Draft Plan provide a blueprint for achieving the vision of a connected and more efficient GTHA by 2041.

“As population and employment grow, travel demand will increase significantly, adding pressure to an already strained transportation system. Without new transit initiatives that can attract new users, congestion will get much worse.”

More connections means more economic, environmental and social benefits. In fact, full implementation of the Draft Plan would:

  • Increase the length of frequent rapid transit routes by more than 20 times 

  • Double the length of dedicated cycling facilities in the GTHA
  • Add over 900 lane-kilometres of HOV lanes to the region’s highway network
  • Increase the percentage of people living within walking distance of Frequent Rapid Transit by 3.8 times
  • Double the number of jobs within walking distance of frequent rapid transit
  • Result in 700,000 more peak-period transit trips— a 55% increase over 2011 

  • Contribute to a 40% decrease in per capita greenhouse gas emissions from automobile trips and even greater overall emissions reductions
  • Double the dedicated cycling routes through a Regional Cycling Network
  • Double the number of walking and cycling trips

Delivery of the Draft Plan will provide the average GTHA resident with access to 290,000 more job opportunities within one hour by transit.

How was the Draft Plan Developed?

The Draft Plan was developed over a two-year period, with extensive collaboration from transportation experts, municipal partners and local stakeholders. It took plenty of research and innovation to get to where we are now. Read more about the process and background research.

But it couldn’t have happened without the experience of GTHA residents, and the feedback we received from sources such as surveys and community outreach. Every effort was made to take into account the regions, its people and their needs. After all, this is a plan for your GTHA, so it has to reflect different needs and what’s important for the region as a whole.

Read more about the Residents’ Reference Panel on page 43 of the Draft Plan.

Over $30 billion is already being invested in rapid transit infrastructure in the GTHA over the next eight years. That means shovels in the ground, with more than 16 fully-funded projects currently underway — and projects like the UP Express and GO extensions already changing our region for the better.Read more

By 2041, over 10 million people will call the GTHA home. The Draft Plan is a blueprint for a connected region with a multi-modal transportation system that serves residents, businesses and institutions of all kinds. It’s a vision for a convenient, reliable system that contributes to a high quality of life, a prosperous and competitive economy and a protected environment.Read more

This is about all of us — our communities, our families, our opportunities, our tomorrow. It’s about deciding what’s important to us and making a plan to get us there. This is one of those rare moments when we get to decide what kind of a future we want for our region. Together, it's ours to build. So, let's start here.Read more