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What is Metrolinx?

Metrolinx is the provincial agency that helps bring it all together when it comes to transportation in the GTHA. Created by the Metrolinx Act in 2006, the agency has been charged with improving the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in our region. That means developing and adopting a transportation plan for the entire region, and then making sure it’s implemented in an organized and coordinated way, based on clear and transparent priorities.

Defining Our Region

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) has become one of the largest and fastest-growing regions in North America and is recognized as one of the world’s most desirable places in which to live, work, learn and invest. It’s expected that it will add about 110,000 new residents every year until 2041, growing the current population of 7.2 million to well over 10 million!

That kind of growth comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. We have to make sure people and goods can move safely, efficiently, affordably and sustainably — so that the system can contribute to the growth of the region and not stand in its way.

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The Big Move (2008)

The Big Move was the first Regional Transportation Plan developed by Metrolinx and was the springboard for a more than $30 billion dollar investment in rapid transit. It focused on transforming transportation in the GTHA by identifying nine ‘Big Moves’ and 10 Strategies aimed at developing and implementing an integrated multi-modal transportation plan. The Big Move set the stage for today’s massive investment in rapid transit, and is responsible for the completion of a dedicated rail link to Pearson International Airport (UP Express), GO Transit extensions and service improvements, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. Add to that 16 other new, fully-funded projects that are already underway.

Completed Projects

  • UP Express
  • Kitchener, Barrie, Gormley and West Harbour GO Extensions
  • All-day 30-minute GO Train service on Lakeshore East and West
  • VIVA BRT on Highway 7 (Yonge to Unionville GO)
  • VIVA BRT on Davis Drive (Yonge to Newmarket GO)
  • Mississauga Transitway (Winston Churchill to Orbiter)

Introducing the Draft Plan 

Developed by Metrolinx in close conjunction with all our partners and stakeholders in the GTHA, the Draft of the Regional Transportation Plan outlines how all levels of government and  transit agencies in the region can work together to continue the work that began with The Big Move. We must keep the momentum going so that we can build an integrated transportation system that supports a high quality of life, a prosperous and competitive economy and a protected environment for the region.

As you might expect in a region that’s growing so quickly, plenty has changed since the start of The Big Move. Consider just a few of the things that influence transportation planning:

If you’re interested in learning more, read ‘Regional Transportation Challenges’ on page 31 of the Draft Plan.

The Draft Plan aims to meet these challenges head-on — and it looks beyond today to consider possible challenges and opportunities in the future. By optimizing what we have now and understanding how the movement of people and goods might change in the future, the Draft Plan anticipates ways the transportation system can remain relevant, effective and efficient. Basically, it’s the plan for a better-connected future for us all.