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Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations - Ask-a-Question - Public Information Centre #2

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I don't understand the terminology. Please define more clearly. A photo of drawing would help.

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Metrolinx is improving service as part of the GO Expansion Program by increasing train frequency and availability. The long-term goal and vision of the GO Expansion Program is to provide 15-minute two-way all-day service. With trains planned to run every 15 minutes (a crossing every 7 minutes in one direction or the other), it is not possible to maintain at-grade crossings. By grade separating certain crossings, Metrolinx can increase travel speed and capacity on our roads and rail lines, by allowing trains to freely pass over or under roads without the need for stoppages.

There are two types of grade separations being considered for the Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separation Project: road underpass or road overpass.

  • A road underpass is a structure that depresses the road so that it crosses underneath the rail line (usually with retaining walls and slopes). The rail line usually remains at its current grade and crosses over the depressed road on a new rail bridge.
  • A road overpass is a large structure that elevates the road so it crosses above the rail line, usually with a combination of retaining walls (for the rise) and a new bridge structure (to cross the rail).  The overpass must be of a sufficient height to allow the train to pass beneath, to accommodate rail passage and electrification infrastructure.

Metrolinx is pursuing road-rail grade separations on the Stouffville Rail Corridor at Progress Avenue, Havendale Road, Huntingwood Drive, McNicoll Avenue, Passmore Avenue, Kennedy Road, and Denison Street. Illustrations of each proposed grade separations can be found in the February 2020 Open House panels, found:


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Oct 2, 2020 - 15:33

The underpasses are very bland (on the renderings) and the streets are oriented around cars. Could Metrolinx provide a better streetscape with more greenery, and a focus on cyclists and pedestrians (or transit)?
Thank you!

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Oct 16, 2020 - 12:52

Thank you for your comment.

Please note that the renderings are artistic concepts of the preliminary design and do not necessarily reflect finishes and landscaping that may be applied to the infrastructure. Retaining walls, tunnel walls, and abutments that are public facing are planned to be finished in such a way that allow the City of Toronto/City of Markham to apply artwork on them. Existing landscaping and streetscaping impacted by the Project will be reinstated.  Elevated sidewalks will be designed to municipal and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards. Cycling facilities will be retained at roadways that currently have them. In some cases, new cycling facilities will be incorporated as part of the grade separation work. Transit stops will be maintained in the same locations as they are currently, however, in some cases, transit stops may have to be shifted to accommodate the grade separation. Where this is required, the new stop location will be located closer to intersections, which enhances pedestrian access to transit by providing improved crossing opportunities.

Grade separations are anticipated to have positive effect on the road network, which is expected to improve traffic and transit operations by making the operations free-flow instead of having trains pass periodically and stop traffic. Similarly, the removal of at-grade crossings will remove the possibility of train conflicts while crossing the rail corridor, improving pedestrian / cyclist movement.

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Oct 18, 2020 - 19:06

Why waste our money building big holes in the ground. It is a lot cheaper to build a Passmore bridge over the railway, and you well know it. It is industrial/commercial, and there ought to be no NIMBYs in the area to complain that they are seen through their windows by vehicles driving by. The other grade separations WILL have NIMBYs complaining as mentioned, so maybe road underpasses are necessary there. SAVE MONEY AND TIME. GO OVER, NOT UNDER. Aarre Peltomaa P.S. What happened to Finch Ave. E. ? That must also be grade separated.

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Thanks for your feedback on the Stouffville Rail Corridor Grade Separations Project. While a road over rail at Passmore Avenue would minimize costs associated with the new structure, a road under rail has been identified as the preferred option for the following reasons:

  • Minimizes noise and visual impacts
  • Provides better accessibility for businesses and pedestrians
  • Maintains connectivity of Silver Star Boulevard, and
  • Reduces requirements for service road connections

The preferred solution was chosen after consultation with both the City of Toronto and affected property owners.

The grade separation at Finch Avenue East has been assessed as part of the completed SmartTrack Environmental Assessment in 2018.