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St. Clair


Many considerations factor into the assessment of new sites including:

Connectivity and Ridership Drivers

  • How many trips will start and end at this station?
  • Does the station connect to other transit lines and have the potential to improve service?
  • Does the station connect to key destinations?

Travel Time Savings

  • What are the time savings associated with the new station?

Market Potential

  • How well situated is the station in relationship to future market demand?

Development Potential

  • Can the station support future development and intensification?

Policy Alignment

  • Does the Station Area conform to Regional land use policy?

Construction Affordability

  • What is the cost to construct the station?

Ease of Construction

  • Can the required facilities be constructed in this location?

St. Clair

This station has been evaluated as follows:

  • High: Policy alignment.
  • Medium: Construction affordability, ease of construction.
  • Low: Connectivity and ridership, travel time savings, market potential, development potential.

What are your thoughts on this analysis? Have we missed anything?

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Will's avatar

I disagree with the evaluation that connectivity and ridership, market potential and development potential are low. I think it's imperative that St Clair W is connected to one of the western lines (either kitchener or barrie). The streetcar is reliable, thanks to the ROW and the dense communities in the area would benefit from this connection, as would people commuting to work on St clair from the west end of the region. That entire corridor has boomed in the last 10 to 15 years. As for development potential, there is potential at 3 of the 4 corners of the intersection between the rail corridor and st clair. The NW corner has townhomes, but the other 3 are parking lots or industrial lands (one of which has a proposal for a mixed use community). Who needs a Delta Bingo surrounded by parking when you have great local transit connected to speedy regional transit? Please consider this stop.

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DW's avatar
Mar 3, 2016 - 09:08

A stop would make sense here. It would connect the entire St. Clair streetcar line, west, middle, and east to Union station. The neighborhood demographics are also changing and gentrifying. The St. Clair streetcar is consistently standing room only during rushout before Dufferin in the AM and after Dufferin the PM. A stop at this location would relieve pressure on both the 512 and YUS during peak hours.

It would also be accessible, particularly with fare integration with the TTC, from the Junction neighborhood. A short surface trip north, followed by a train from this stop would still likely be faster to downtown then using a surface route, then Line 2, then Line 1, from that neighborhood.

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Misha's avatar
Mar 31, 2016 - 16:26

Agree, this station (or the Barrie line one) would help prevent overcrowding on the YUS line. It would be intelligent to link the LRT with a stop now, before YUS turns into the fiasco that is the Yonge line along with Yonge/Bloor station which is unreal during rush house and no shovels in ground yet to do anything about it.

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Prisciak's avatar
Mar 3, 2016 - 13:44

Though the connection would be made to the St. Clair streetcar . . . when you look at the surrounding area you see mainly housing and not many 'employment' centres. Some locals may use it as a means to go downtown but other than that, I do not see a station here attracting many passengers.

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LetsGo75's avatar
Mar 5, 2016 - 18:08

No new station proposals from here until Concord/Highway 7? What about Rogers, Eglinton, Lawrence Ave W.?

512 St. Clair West riders may find it more beneficial to transfer onto a stop located on the GO Kitchener line.

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Will's avatar
Mar 5, 2016 - 18:42

Some of the stops you are asking about are already approved, which is why they are not in the consultation. Caledonia will have an interchange between the Barrie Line and The Crosstown, and there will be a transfer at the new station in Downsview Park between the Barrie line and the Line 1 Extension. I think Rogers is a little bit of overkill for Regional Rail, but I agree with a stop at Lawrence and Caledonia. It was already turned down by Metrolinx, but the report put out by the City of Toronto is saying it would be an important stop and I agree. There are many factories and work places on the west side of Caledonia between Lawrence and the 401, including he factory where all Roots bags, coats and shoes are made. There's also a couple of factories that have been converted and are now leasing as a new shopping center that would benefit greatly by a stop. Traffic is also pretty bad along Lawrence from Allen all the way to Black Creek. Transit could help drastically.

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EP's avatar
Mar 19, 2016 - 17:29

I completely agree with what was written by Will and DW. St Clair West is changing, there is new life to residential and retail districts nearby, there is a dedicated streetcar connection. A station here seems like a no-brainer.

(I tried to comment on the proposed St Clair stop on the Barrie line and it seems there is no specific website for that proposed stop. I hope Metrolinx won't perceive this as that station not get any comments. I understand there used to be a train station at St Clair West and Caledonia, and it should be in serious contention for a stop on the Barrie line.)

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Misha's avatar
Mar 31, 2016 - 16:19

Agree 100% with EP. I think a St Clair stop is a no brainer and also the potential stop there was a main reason for pushing the overpass vs the tunnel through. Tunnel meant no St Clair stop. Once the overpass is approved (as it should), there needs to be a St Clair top and Bloor stop, connecting the St Clair LRT with this line makes too much sense.

And Metrolinx needs to fix the link on the St Clair Barrie line stop as it only leads to Kitchener line stop.

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