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Socio-Economic & Land Use Characteristics - Exhibition Station

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Key Findings


  • Construction activities will occur primarily within the existing Lakeshore West rail corridor lands.
  • Adjacent land uses include core employment* and mixed use.
  • During construction, access disruptions, visual effects and nuisance effects such as dust and construction noise will be temporary and will be minimized via appropriate mitigation measures (see Potential Effects & Mitigation Measures). 

*Core employment areas contain businesses and economic activities such as manufacturing, processing, warehousing, offices, etc.


Land Uses within the Exhibition Station Socio-Economic and Land Use Characteristics Study Area

Map of land uses within the Exhibition Station socio-economic and land use characteristics study area


Potential Effects and Mitigation Measures

Potential Effects:

  • Access disruption to adjacent lands to accommodate construction activities.
  • Nuisance effects (i.e., dust, noise, and vibration) from construction areas/activities.
  • Visual effects from permanent public-facing structures and construction areas/activities.
  • Permanent and temporary property acquisition (property requirements will be confirmed during detailed design).
  • Temporary relocation or removal of streetscaping materials, furniture and landscaping in the public realm.

Mitigation Measures:

  • Maintained access to businesses during working hours.
  • See air quality and noise and vibration for mitigation measures related to these potential nuisance effects.
  • Minimize the visual effects of structures by selecting appropriate building materials and architectural design.
  • Screened enclosures and temporary landscaping along construction site boundaries, where necessary.
  • Temporary lighting and wayfinding signage around construction sites.
  • Clearly marked pedestrian and cyclist detours, where required.
  • Following completion of construction, restore impacted lands to existing conditions, to the greatest extent possible.
  • Ongoing consultation with affected property owners and provision of fair market value compensation in accordance with applicable laws.

View of Exhibition Place and Ontario Place within Toronto's downtown

View of Exhibition Place and Ontario Place within Toronto's downtown

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