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Scarlett-Eglinton Station

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Map of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension at Scarlett Road and Eglinton Ave West showing the tunnelled alignment to the west, the portal and extraction shaft, the elevated guideway moving east and the station box north of Eglinton Avenue West and elevated over Scarlett Road.

  • Early designs propose Scarlett-Eglinton Station as an elevated station over Scarlett Road on the guideway.
  • An elevated station structure would be wider than the guideway to accommodate passenger space and would also have a larger at-grade footprint to function as station entrances.
  • This location intersects with TTC bus routes 32, 73, 79 and 405.
  • The station will be constructed during the stations, rail and systems work. We will be sharing more information for public feedback as it is available.

This is also the area for the tunnel boring machine extraction shaft and portal. 

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