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Scarborough Subway Extension - Tunnel Boring Machine Naming Contest

Be a part of transit history! Here’s your chance to make your mark on a project that will transform how we travel across the region.

The three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension will extend the TTC’s Line 2 subway service nearly eight kilometres farther into Scarborough and provide seamless, reliable rapid transit to the people who live, work and play in this bustling part of the city. It will bring 38,000 more people and 34,000 more jobs within walking distance to transit.

Now, we’re inviting you to help us name the machine that will dig the tunnel for this important project! It's called a "tunnel boring machine" (TBM) and, with a 12-metre diameter, it will be the biggest of its kind in Toronto's transit history.

With the TBM expected to arrive on site in January 2022, there's a bit of time to get creative.


SSE tbm

What's my name? The newest addition to the Metrolinx tunnelling family is pictured here during factory testing in Germany.


Track the TBM

Track the progess of the tunnel boring machine.

The winner of the naming contest will have the chance to participate in a photo-op before the TBM begins digging.

Before it gets started, the massive machine will be travelling from Germany by boat, then by truck to the tunnel launch site. Check back here to track the TBM on its journey.

The contest will take place in two phases. Here's how it will work:

Phase 1 (closed)

Starting October 19, submit your name ideas using the submission form below. Let us know why you picked that name or what it means to you.

Looking for inspiration? Think about local landmarks, special places, local history – something important to you!

Name submissions closed at 4 PM on November 18.

Phase 2 (coming soon)

A judging panel will create a short list from all the submissions received. The judging panel will choose names based on relevance, rationale and significance to the project and area.

We’ll then invite you to come back and vote on the top picks.

Voting will close on December 22, 2021.

Learn more about the Scarborough Subway Extension by visiting the project page and follow us on social for the latest updates.

Terms and Conditions

Rules and regulations apply.

  • Inappropriate names will be disqualified.
  • The contest is open to submissions from anyone 18 years or older but younger participants are also encouraged to participate with the help of a parent, guardian or teacher.
  • If duplicate name submissions are received, the first person to submit the winning name will be selected as the winner.

Read the full Terms & Conditions for this contest before submitting names.

Phase 1 of the contest has closed.

Check back soon for Phase 2, where you’ll have a chance to vote for the winning name.

Submissions are closed.