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It’s Happening, Scarborough! Please join Metrolinx at our virtual open house to hear the latest updates as construction continues for the three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension.

The project recently reached a significant milestone with the lowering of the TBM at our launch shaft site. We’re excited for Scarborough’s tunnel boring machine, Diggy Scardust, to start tunneling in a few months!

A crucial part of the tunnel building process is the installation of headwalls. These headwalls are underground support structures that create the frame for future subway stations and emergency exit buildings. We will share an overview of the headwall construction schedule along the project route to help the community anticipate what they will see once the work is underway.

We’re ready to answer your questions so join us on July 6, 2022 from 6:30PM - 7:30PM to learn more about the next steps in the construction of the Scarborough Subway Extension.

If you cannot attend, the video recording will be available on this page after the event.

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Scarborough Subway Extension LIVE - July 6, 2022

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As part of making Scarborough Centre more walkable, the intersection of McCowan Road and Progress Avenue is supposed to be reconfigured as an at-grade intersection. Metrolinx is supposed to be responsible for this. Has a timeline for the reconfiguration been established or is this to be determined as part of the Scarborough Centre station construction?

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Jun 20, 2022 - 11:32

I see lane reduction and construction on McCowan near Progress. Can you give us an idea of what we can expect on Mccowan between 401 and Ellesmere in the near future. How long is this expected to last?

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Jun 22, 2022 - 20:08

The community would like to provide ideas for station names on the project.

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What is the problem with your site that it won't accept a full question?

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When the RT Station is closed next year, will there be a Bus Way / Bus Station here at the Scarborough Town Centre RT Station?