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Your Feedback

Scarborough Junction Grade Separation - Your Feedback -2

A project of this size and complexity means that changes will occur in communities and some communities close to where infrastructure is being delivered may feel impacted by it. Hearing from you is important to us. We want to make sure we are delivering maximum results with minimum disruption to the community.

The table below provides a snapshot summary of the main topics we've heard in Round 1 of public consultation and what we are doing about it. The full Round 1 Engagement Report is available here.

What We Heard

What We’re Doing About It

Concerns about potential noise, vibration, traffic, property and natural environment impacts of proposed infrastructure, including grade separated tracks.

Metrolinx has developed a conceptual design to determine the optimal configuration proposed infrastructure, reviewed background information, and conducted field investigations to determine baseline environmental conditions.

This information has been used to inform impact assessment and develop mitigation measures to address environmental impacts.

Find out more in the Studies, Impacts, and Mitigation section.

Advice to ensure that the proposed Corvette Park multi-use crossing options are safe for all users.

To maintain pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, Metrolinx is considering options for a new multi-use crossing to either pass over or under the rail corridor (through a new bridge or tunnel). Based on ongoing discussion with the City, Metrolinx is obtaining TPAP approval for both bridge and tunnel options.

Find out more on Corvette Park Crossing Options panel in the Proposed New Infrastructure section.

Interest to learn about the anticipated construction timeline

Construction is anticipated to last up to two years (it could start as early as 2022, subject to change).

Find out more in the Anticipated TPAP Timeline section.


If you would like to look at the public materials from the February 2020 Open Houses, including meeting boards and Info Sheets, please click here.

Round 2 of public consultation was held online from August 18 to September 1, 2020! An update on what we heard will be posted here later this Fall