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Preliminary Design for City of Pickering

This page contains information on the preliminary design in the City of Pickering. Scroll down to watch a narrated overview of the preliminary design in Pickering or scroll through the design drawings at your own pace.

Renderings have been developed to show how the corridor would look in the future with BRT.

A map indicating the corridor design segment for the City of Pickering portion of the BRT project. Segment 1 is from Altona Road to Notion Road; the design proposes to widen the segment to add two dedicated centre-median transit lanes and maintain existing four lanes for general traffic. A table explaining the lane modifications for the road segment in the City of Pickering. Segment 1: Existing Lanes, 4. Future proposed traffic lanes, 4. Total number of lanes including BRT lanes, 6. Click image to enlarge

View design drawings

The preliminary design can also be viewed on the project’s interactive map.

Let us know your thoughts on the preliminary design for the City of Pickering by filling out the online survey below. The survey will remain open until Friday, December 18, 2020.

Thank you for participating in Public Information Centre #3 for the Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit project. Fill out the survey to provide input on the preliminary design in Pickering. We appreciate your feedback.

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