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Overview: Promises and Commitments

We are developing a Community Charter, a set of promises that will apply to every area of our operations and commit Metrolinx to building the regional transportation system we all want, in a way that is respectful of the communities we work in every day.

It will clearly outline our promises and commitments to work together with residents and communities, to listen and learn from each other. But for that to happen, we have to work together to get it right. 

In February, we launched Phase 1 of this digital public engagement here on MetrolinxEngage to solicit feedback on the six themes that will drive the drafting of the charter. Those themes are

  • Public safety,
  • Fiscal responsibility,
  • Courtesy and respect,
  • Public input,
  • Keeping the public informed, and
  • Connecting communities. 

All of us at Metrolinx are grateful for the public input we received during the first phase of this public consultation on the creation of a Community Charter for Metrolinx. Read the Phase 1 summary report.

We want to hear from you

Being open to your input is important and represents a critical opportunity to demonstrate that you, our customers, residents and communities are valued and central to Metrolinx's mission and our work.

In this second phase of the public consultation, we're seeking your comments on the six specific promises Metrolinx will make in the Community Charter. 

Please review the six proposed promises outlined in the cards that follow and have your say.

Draft Community Charter Promises

  1. Metrolinx promises to ensure your safety.
  2. Metrolinx promises to invest public funds responsibly.
  3. Metrolinx promises to be considerate and treat you with respect.
  4. Metrolinx promises to seek your input to help us make the best decisions.
  5. Metrolinx promises to keep you informed.
  6. Metrolinx promises to build and operate transit that connects our communities today and tomorrow.

Your comments are important to us and do have an impact on what we do.