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The Ontario Line - West - King/Bathurst

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Two-dimensional map of two future station entrance buildings at King Street West and Bathurst Street and the surrounding area. One building is located on the northeast corner, and the second building is located on the southeast corner. The map depicts a rough outline of the projected station buildings’ footprints, anticipated station entrance points, permanent property requirements, and streetcar routes and stops. Note heritage attributes will be conserved where possible.

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Three-dimensional map of permanent property impacts at King and Bathurst. A burnt-orange colour denotes properties that will be permanently impacted by Ontario Line construction, including the following: 663 King Street West on the southeast corner, and 662 and 668 King Street West on the northeast corner. Note heritage attributes will be conserved where possible.

Permanent property impacts
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Basic three-dimensional map pictures the future state concept for station buildings are pictured in purple. No design details are pictured beyond the basic building structures.

Future state concept
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In the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District, where almost 8,700 households currently don’t own a car, the station at King and Bathurst will offer vital connections between the Ontario Line and the popular 504 King route and the 511 Bathurst route. Current plans envision maintaining streetcar service in these areas throughout the duration of the project, though there might be times when service is re-routed or reduced to accommodate construction work.

Underground, the station platform is on a diagonal and avoids significant construction impacts to the historic Wheat Sheaf Tavern. Built in 1849, the landmark building with the distinctive mansard roof is widely believed to be the oldest pub in Toronto.

Station entrances have been placed only a few steps away from streetcar stops on both the north and south corners of the intersection, allowing Ontario Line customers to walk from their subway platform directly to their preferred streetcar stop without having to cross the street.

The station will be within a short 10-minute walk for more than 27,000 residents and connect people to the 24,200 jobs the area will support by 2041.

We know how important the heritage properties are in this area and we’re committed to featuring heritage attributes in our station designs to respect the important history and character of the neighbourhood. We will be engaging with communities on these plans as we gather more details.

Work is anticipated to begin after financial close is reached for the Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel procurement package.

Learn more about Procurement.

Stats and Facts*:

  • 27,000 people within walking distance to station
  • 5,100 customers will use the station during the busiest travel hour
  • 2,400 transfers during the busiest travel hour
  • 24,200 jobs in the area

*Forecast for the year 2041

For more detail, visit Metrolinx News.

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