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Trains & Technology

The Ontario Line - Trains & Technology

Trains & Technology

decorative image of a train with an accent on door width

Trains can stop precisely with platform screen doors that open and close in sync.

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Trains could be about 100 metres in length assuming a three metre car width.

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Up to 40 trains an hour with 90 seconds between trains.

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Modern vehicles can climb steeper gradients.

The Ontario Line will deliver better, faster, more reliable and more frequent service using technology that has been proven and adopted by subway systems around the world.

We expect the line to feature fully automated trains with modern signalling like the ones used in Vancouver, London, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. These trains will be able to cycle through the system faster, and because of advances in vehicle design and rail technology, they will result in significantly less noise than what we are used to from the city’s current subway trains.


Benefits of Modern Technology

  • The use of designated waiting areas and precise stopping points for train doors allows for quicker, more efficient boarding times
  • Doors on platforms increase safety and reduce the chances of debris and litter making its way on to the tracks
  • Frequent service will allow more people to move quickly, safely and cost-effectively

The exact vehicle used for the Ontario Line will be determined by the successful proponent for the Rolling Stock, Systems, Operations and Maintenance (RSSOM) contract, based on Metrolinx’s requirements.