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The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - West - Exhibition

Two-dimensional map of Exhibition station and the surrounding area. The map depicts a rough outline of the projected station building footprint, anticipated station entrance points, emergency exit and tunnel entrance points, permanent property requirements, the tunnel portal structure to bring trains from above-ground at Exhibition station to underground heading east, as well as GO tracks, future Ontario Line tracks, and streetcar routes and stops. Note that heritage attributes will be preserved and conserved wherever possible.

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Three-dimensional map of properties north of Exhibition station. A burnt-orange colour denotes properties that will be permanently impacted by Ontario Line construction, including the following: 153 Dufferin Street, 7 Fraser Avenue, 2 and 20 Atlantic Avenue, and 1 Atlantic Avenue. Note that heritage attributes will be conserved where possible.

Permanent property impacts
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Basic three-dimensional map pictures the future state concept for station buildings are pictured in purple. No design details are pictured beyond the basic building structures.

Future state concept
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Exhibition Station serves one of the most popular destinations for sports, concerts, and trade shows in the country, not to mention family attractions like the CNE. The Ontario Line at Exhibition Station will create a connection to the GO network and bring the subway system closer to many homes and businesses in the growing and vibrant Liberty Village community.

The above-ground shared concourse between the Ontario Line and Lakeshore West GO services will make transferring between the two quick and seamless for the approximately 6,300 people who will make that switch every day during the busiest travel hour.

Giving customers another way to transfer between GO Transit’s regional rail services and the local subway system will take pressure off of Union Station, the country’s busiest transit hub. This new interchange will help reduce crowding at Union by about 14 per cent – or 14,000 fewer people – during rush hour.

The Ontario Line will also be just steps away from the 511 Bathurst and 509 Harbourfront streetcars, giving customers even more ways to navigate and explore the city.

The Ontario Line station at Exhibition will be within a short 10-minute walk of more than 12,100 residents, bringing rapid transit to the growing and underserved neighbourhoods of Liberty Village and Parkdale where more than 2,700 households don’t own a car. It will also connect to more than 17,600 jobs in the area by 2041.

A portal will be constructed on the north side of the existing GO Corridor for the beginning of the Ontario Line tunnels.

Tail tracks, west of Exhibition, will provide space for the storage of Ontario Line vehicles and protect for a future extension of the line.

We know how important the heritage properties are in this area and we’re committed to featuring heritage attributes in our station designs to respect the important history and character of the neighbourhood. We will be engaging with communities on these plans as we gather more details.

Construction on a package of early works will begin this fall to prepare the station for the major upgrades planned through the Ontario Line and GO Expansion programs. This work will include extending the existing passenger tunnel, building a new north entrance, creating a temporary pedestrian bridge, adding a new north platform, and shifting two existing GO tracks. All of this work will ensure passengers will be able to continue to use the station while major upgrades are underway.

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Stats and Facts*

  • 12,100 people within walking distance to station
  • 12,100 customers will use the station during the busiest travel hour (8,400 getting on and 3,700 getting off the Ontario Line)
  • 6,300 transfers during the busiest travel hour
  • 17,600 jobs in the area

*Forecast for the year 2041

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